Responding to Voter Questions: Abortion, Gay Rights, and Immigration

One voter quoted Matthew 25:31-46 and then stated:

If you want my vote you will have to put in writing that you are not for abortion, sexual immorality, and exploiting the immigrant.

My Response:
Thanks for your comment. I believe in freedom. This includes freedom of religion. Regardless of which religious system I believe in, I will always fight for others to pursue their own religion. I believe this to be within the teachings of Jesus and the golden rule.

It is not my responsibility to bring others to the gospel under the threat of the law. Rather, each individual must make that choice on their own. I think it is the responsibility of society to convince each other to behave morally. It is the responsibility of government to hold people accountable who lie, steal, and harm others.

Regarding abortion, I'm still trying to figure out where I draw the line. I know for sure that I agree with contraceptives. Once conception occurs, I don't know under which circumstances I would legally allow an abortion - if at all. I know that I personally would suggest caring a baby to term - if any pregnant woman was asking me for advice. So I guess I could agree that I'm not for abortion. However, the Lt. Governor has near zero influence on this matter.

Regarding sexual immorality, I'm not sure exactly what you are referring to, but my guess is we are not going to agree here. As long as the sex act is taking place between two consenting adults, I don't see why the government needs to be involved. Once again, I don't see where this goes against the primary teachings of Jesus. Even the section of Holy Scripture you provided shows that Jesus is judging based on how well we treated each other. Not if we judged each other based on our flawed understanding of his will. Again, the Lt. Governor has near zero influence on this matter.

Lastly, you ask about exploiting the immigrant. I'm not sure what you consider exploitation. We should allow consenting adults to enter into any contract in which both parties feel like they benefit from the transaction. Whenever anyone benefits from the work of another, this falls under the dictionary definition of exploitation. However, most use the term in a negative sense to mean that one of the parties lied, stole, or harmed the other in order to gain the benefit. In those cases, I'm against exploitation. Once again, the Lt. Governor has near zero influence on this matter.

I hope these answers give you a better understanding of where I stand. I would appreciate your vote and support. If not because I fully agree with you, but because I would not enact laws that agreed or disagreed with you because I don't think that is the responsibility of the government.