Responding to Voter Questions: President Trump

A voter stated:

How do you feel about President Trump?

My Response:

I think President Trump has done some great things and I think he has also done some ridiculous things. For example:

  • He is for the death penatly. I'm against.
  • He is unclear on his drug policy but seems to favor the war on drugs. I'm against the war on drugs.
  • He has increased spending. I want to decrease spending.
  • He likes trade wars. I like free trade and no wars.
  • He and his admiistration have been rolling back outdated federal regualtions. I agree with that.
  • He audited the defense department. I agree with that.
  • He has appointed constitutionalists judges. As a constitutionalists myself... I like that.
  • Under his presidency, we may finally see an end to the Korean War. I like no wars.

Overall, I would probably feel just as disenfranchised if Hillary had won. Just for different reasons. Both represent violations of rights and liberties. I would have enjoyed breaking that glass ceiling.